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Q How can I pay for my Advertising, Marketplace Item or Announcement online?


You can subscribe to The Jal Record by Clicking HERE.

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Q I've noticed that the website has changed slightly since I last visited. What gives?


We are continuously adding new features to the Jal Record  Newspaper news site. You may notice changes from time to time. Don't be alarmed, it's normal. If you believe that something on the site is "broken," please let us know by going to the "Contact Us" menu item and sending us a note describing the problem. That would be a big help to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time to inform us of any problems you notice. Our goal is to make the Jal Record  Newspaper the very best local news and information portal on the Internet!.

Q I love the Jal Record! Is there a way I can contribute to its success?


YES!  There are many ways you can contribute to the Jal Record Newspaper. You can write stories and take photographs of news worthy things you see going on such as sporting events, unusual activities or beautiful / interesting scenes and submit them for consideration. We love our community correspondents! Please submit HERE

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